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Take a Cue

Mason jars may remind us of grandma’s homemade jam; but these days they’re serving a much broader purpose, with DIYers bringing the canning essential into all kinds of home decor.

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Beans and Grains

like muscle tissue, blood cells, hair and nails among others. Will plant-based proteins offer this?No. Not entirely. But, the good news is that you can combine these “incomplete proteins” with other proteins in meals to create a complete protein.

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Gooseneck Barnacles

I’ve eaten and written about allsorts of unusual seafood, from hagfish to sea urchin. So when Chef Vince Schofield of the new Whisknladle Hosipitality restaurant Catania in La Jolla started telling me about Gooseneck Barnacles I was intrigued. Schofield is … Continued

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Buon Appetito – Authentic Italian Cuisine in SD

What started as a 1,400-mile road trip through Italy has turned into a new restaurant concept for Whisknladle Hosipitality’s Arturo Kassel and Ryan Johnston. Catania,  which recently opened in the new La Plaza La Jolla luxury shopping center, promises authentic … Continued

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Best of SD

The Best of SD is 137 of our favorite things to see, sip, taste and love

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Culinary Wunderlist

Are you hankering for a tastebud wake-up call, perhaps some octopus pastrami, rabbit tenderloin, pork belly buns or garlicky escargot? Well, turn up the traveling music, because it’s time to hit the road as we present a coast-to-coast guide to … Continued